A special snack served during St Martin’s weekend in Portugal

As part of the Patient Care Coordination strategies for the nutritional empowerment and higher patient satisfaction, last St Martins weekend we offered all the patients in their usual intradialytic snack a special and thematic treat: 2 “broas castelares” (a Portuguese small sweet potato cake, typical in the Lisbon region).

This was an excellent opportunity to communicate to the patients how they can safely manage their individualized nutritional counseling and diet, and at the same time, take part of the food traditions of each season. For example, last year´s St Martins Day we offered 5 roasted chestnuts, also a tradition of this season.

On the clinical and nutritional side, every advised serving size was adjusted to give a safe amount of potassium, the same amount of a small apple, so it could easily be exchanged with one piece of fruit from their food plan.

It´s now been a few years of these thematic activities and snacks and our patients´ feedback has been great… always asking when is the next time is going to be!

Just a hint…Christmas time is here.




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