World Diabetes Day: Diabetes is one of the main causes of renal failure

In the past years, diabetes mellitus has developed into a widespread disease – with serious consequences. Diabetes is one of the main causes of renal failure. Therefore, prevention became key to contain the disease.

In October, this year´s Global Burden of Disease Study revealed which diseases are the most threatening for today´s world population. It turned out that diabetes mellitus has already become a widespread disease: in many countries, more people suffer from diabetes than from pulmonary disease and bowel cancer. The main causes for diabetes are overweight and a lack of exercise. Only a small proportion of the patients have type 1, which has genetic causes and affects already kids.

One of the most serious consequences of diabetes is potential kidney failure: diabetes is one of the main causes of renal failure. Why diabetes often leads to renal failure has not yet been fully understood but what is known is that if diabetes is not treated properly, the consequences can be serious – right up to renal failure.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of developing diabetes increases with age. Since the societies are growing older, especially in Western countries, the number of diabetes patients is constantly increasing. The best way to prevent diabetes is a balanced diet and regular exercising.

Why not celebrate World Diabetes Day with a healthy dessert, not only for diabetes and dialysis patients: Clafoutis with apple and raisins

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