Living a full life despite Chronic Kidney Disease – Hugo Varela Brom

Hugo Varela Brom, on dialysis since five years, is  being treated in the Diaverum Crani Lagomar Clinic  in Canelones, on the coast of Uruguay, Latin America.  He is married and lives as close to a normal life as  possible despite his disease. Hugo has a bachelor degree in historical sciences and works as a research journalist focusing on Latin American history for newspapers and two radio stations, where he has his own monthly programme. When connected to the dialysis machine, he usually prepares his radio programmes  or write articles for different newspapers. “I would certainly prefer to do something else than going on dialysis, but I feel very secure coming to the Diaverum clinic three times a week.”

“I meet many people who are very negative because they suffer from kidney failure. For me it is a matter of attitude. Everybody is responsible for his/her own life and we all have a role in life – to give something. The trick is to stay optimistic and with the Diaverum nurses and doctors, who care for us as individuals, not only patients, I can”.

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