Malmö’s equipment put to good use in Ukraine

The Lutsk City hospital in north-western Ukraine this month took delivery of a truck-load of machines, supplies, beds and other furniture that had been donated by Diaverum Sweden via Barnmissionen, the Swedish branch of the international Children’s Mission organisation.

Diaverum’s Malmö clinic was handed back to the public system in May which meant we had to figure out what to do with the equipment. Some, clearly, could be redistributed to the other Diaverum clinics in Sweden, but the situation also presented an opportunity to do something charitable. Barnmissionen, which works to support children in need, was the perfect choice.

Mikael Joume, from Barnmissionen, contacted Diaverum this week to say that the equipment has arrived safely, has been installed and is now in operation.

He wrote: “Our warmest thanks for the gifts and that you thought of the Children’s Mission.”

Lyudmila Lonyuk, a representative of the charity in the Ukraine, also wrote to say that the hospital in Lutsk was in desperate need of furniture and equipment. “Thank you once again for your wonderful help,” she wrote.

Lutsk City hospital is a 700-bed hospital which treats more than 25,000 people a year, performing some 10,000 operations annually. All emergency patients, homeless and poor patients from Lutsk and its surrounding districts use this hospital.

Sweden Country Managing Director, Christina Sterner, says “We were sad to close the Malmö clinic and see our patients and colleagues leave, but it brings us much joy and it is inspiring to see that some of the leftover equipment has found a new well deserving home.”

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  1. Antonio R. Graiff - Business Facilitator , Milan, Italy says:

    A real noble humanitarian action . Compliments ! Many other Comoanies worldwide can do the same .


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