Travel lover combines dialysis treatment and discovering the world

Daniel Gallego, a 43 year old Spaniard, enjoys travelling. “I‘ve always loved to travel and I don‘t know why being on dialysis should stop me from doing so”, he explains.

Daniel Gallego (43) discovering the world
Daniel Gallego (43) discovering the world

It certainly doesn‘t seem to stop Daniel. On dialysis since 1995, he has travelled as a “patient” to more than 15 countries outside of Europe. What he needs in his conquest of the world are good partners. Daniel lives in Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands in Spain and when traveling to different locations in Spain or to other countries, he often relies on the medical quality, the warm and friendly atmosphere and the “human touch”, that he finds in the more than 300 Diaverum clinics worldwide. He also appreciates the newly launched patient education programme and the stylish design at Diaverum.

“For me, traveling means to broaden my mind and to widen the horizon.”

In his role as an ambassador at ALCER, the Spanish patient association, he is encouraging dialysis patients to be active and to enhance their quality of life by traveling. “We depend on a machine to survive, but you can find this machine anywhere in the world, you just need to choose the right holiday dialysis clinic, where you feel at home”. Daniel even managed to go on a backpacking trip through India for one month with this attitude. ALCER and Diaverum cooperate closely as part of Diaverum‘s d.HOLIDAY programme, a network of in-centre coordinators and external partners such as patient associations and travel agencies that

enable patients to go on vacation.

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