World Kidney Day 2016 – CKD and Children: Act early to prevent it!

Radio silence first. But then it is laughter, sparkling eyes and pure excitement welcoming the Diaverum team. DIANI, the giant Diaverum mascot, is visiting Wichtel Akademie Munich this year for World Kidney Day to raise awareness for CKD. From the moment of the arrival with the KIDNEY MOBILE sponsored by MINI Munich, all attention is on the team. Follow us on an exciting day! And learn more about the close connection between kidneys and washing machines.

What are kidneys? Where are they located in the body? How do they work? And how can kidneys be protected? Prevention can never start too early! This is why Diaverum Germany and Corporate teamed up to start a prevention campaign. First stop: Pre-school kids aged between 4 and 7 in Munich. Leonetta Kirchhoff, a dedicated dialysis nurse from our kidney center in Hamburg Alter Teichweg, and DIANI are well prepared. Drawing colorful kidneys, sticking them on a life-size body picture was only one element of our prevention approach. The kids also learned that healthy lifestyle matters – and how they can live a healthy live. “It is very important to raise awareness for kidney diseases make sure a potential disease are detected at an early stage”, Leonetta Kirchhoff explains.

If children suffer from kidney disease, it is in most cases inherent or inborn. But: The symptoms are very unspecific and kids cannot express their conditions in the same way as adults. That makes it difficult to detect potential diseases. Targeted information helps to create awareness and make people think: Therefore, the team handed out information brochures for parents explaining symptoms for kidney diseases in kids and how to react.

“We received positive feedback both from parents and kindergarteners about the event. Also the kids were really attentive and curious to learn more about kidneys and understood their important role as our body´s washing machine”, says Christine Buchberger, Director Marketing and Brand. “We are planning to make this a prevention campaign with additional events for people of all ages. Diaverum does not only put patients in the center – we also care about prevention and want to share knowledge around kidney disease with a broader audience”, Christine concludes.

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