Teasing a smile out of our patients

Nephrologists and dialysis nurses have a very special relationship with their patients. They see each other three times a week for four or more hours. They know about their responsibility for the patients and our patients know it as well. They know about each other’s family, future plans and the latest trick the dog learnt. Nevertheless the relationship is often restricted to the environment of the dialysis clinic and the treatment.

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Would it not be nice to also spend some time together without blood and needles?

The idea of a patient day was born. At the beginning of December, Nuria, Isabel and Nanda, dialysis nurses in our Centro de Diálisis de La Axarquía in Spain, organised the second annual patient day whereby Diaverum nurses and doctors, patients, their families and friends came together at the Hotel Costamar in El Morche.

“There is always a barrier for the families, waiting at the door of the treatment room, a door that is apparently scary to cross,” says Nanda. “With this event, we want to bring them closer to the team caring about their loved ones and take away the fear.”

The programme of the day was formed by patients and employees making it varied and exciting for everyone.

“Luis had made bracelets for all attendees and the wife of Antonio brought us a homemade cake. We had a magic show with Santiago, the son of a patient and Paco read us an emotional poem listing all the people who care for him making us shed some tears. We also awarded a prize for the most cheerful patients of the centre. This was again a very emotional moment for both Antonio and Maria, as well as it was for us. Later, George, another patient, put a touch of pop rock to the event and at the end we had the DJ Worze bringing everyone to the dance floor,” remembers Nuria.

The event was planned for 70 people, in the end there were 120 coming showing the success of the day. Although that wasn’t the only success: “We wanted to tease a smile out of our patients and this we achieved,” says Isabel proudly. “We would like to thank our families, our colleagues and the whole clinic team for the great support!”

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