d.ACADEMY Physicians Training Curriculum in Saudi Arabia

The first Physicians Training Curriculum of d.ACADEMY was successfully held in Saudi Arabia, with attendance from 80 Diaverum doctors, renowned speakers, authorities and external guests.

The d.ACADEMY Physician Training Curriculum in Saudi Arabia started with an inauguration ceremony hosted by Prof. Ayman Karkar. The Director General of Health Affairs Eastern Province, Dr. Khalid Al-Shaibani participated.


After the inauguration speeches, the core curriculum program started. This was an extensive training program lasting 3 days; the program covered a variety of topics of nephrology, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Key lectures included management of dialysis complications, dialysis prescription and adequacy, hypertension and bone disease management, vascular access, infection control, anemia and many more.

Participants specifically appreciated the ‘hands-on’ approach and the availability of experts to address many clinical and scientific queries.

An impressive list of 19 speakers was gathered by d.ACADEMY Head of the Physician Education Program, Prof. Ayman Karkar. Speakers were key senior medical leadership of Diaverum (Professor Jörgen Hegbrant SVP, Chief Medical Officer, Professor Giovanni Strippoli, SVP Medical Affairs, Chairman Diaverum Academy , and others) as well as renowned local renal specialists and academics, including Professor Ahmed Mitwalli, Professor Samir Al Mealo, Professor Fadel Al Rowaie, Dr. Abdul Razak Amir and Dr. Ahmed Al Khunaizi.

“We, in d.ACADEMY are extremely pleased to see such a great turn out of Saudi and internationally renowned experts, coming together in a specially designed training curriculum to exchange best practices on a medical condition that is becoming increasingly common in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program has been carefully designed and delivered by d.ACADEMY and its medical experts and will be rolled out globally from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Diaverum, making the country a pioneer in delivering world-class medical training”-says Prof. Ayman Karkar, commenting on the event.

“I want to really thank Professor Karkar and Kate Krawczak and the entire d.ACADEMY team for organizing this exceptional curriculum. This was a great event and another sign of the excellence of our d.ACADEMY”-said Jörgen Hegbrant, Diaverum’s CMO.

Prof. Giovanni Strippoli, Chairman of d.ACADEMY, added: ‘This successful and pioneer training is yet an another important milestone for d.ACADEMY. Saudi doctors highly profited from the practical and diversified programme, and I was particularly pleased with a very long and fruitful discussion on many important clinical queries. I have clearly seen that such trainings are beneficial for physicians in Diaverum, and it is really rewarding to see that we can be of use to the advancement of knowledge in our community. Knowledge is power!’


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