Diaverum Hungary awarded in Hungary’s first competition for patient education projects

Medical magazine recognises the Diaverum approach to patient empowerment and education.

This autumn, the Medical Tribune, a Hungarian medical journal, in cooperation with a creative marketing agency, organised a competition for patient education projects. The competition, held for the first time in Hungary, aimed at recognizing the best patient education programs and raising awareness of the importance of patient education in the communication with patients.

“We believe that awareness and information make the patients more engaged in their treatment. Patient empowerment is an important way to improve the patient’s quality of life”, says Gabor Kulifai, Managing Director Diaverum Hungary.

The publishing house that organized the competition honored that all the 33 applications represented sensitive and very important subjects and thereby encourage the market participants to further increase the number of high quality patient education campaigns. Awards were given in different categories such as flyers, newsletters/magazines, films, websites, social media platforms, mobile applications, events and integrated education.
Medical Tribune awards Diaverum for Patient Education Programme
The Patient Education Programme of Diaverum received the Certificate of Appreciation and will be presented online on the brand new patient education subpage of the organiser Medical Tribune’s website.

The Diaverum Patient Education Programme is an online based e-learning system including handbooks and information sheets for download. The system can be accessed from Diaverum patients all over the world in 16 different languages.

To enter our Patient Education Programme, please click here



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