Less stressful: PD training at home

For patients at Diaverum’s Potsdam centre, it is possible to make all key treatment decisions surrounded by home comforts.

Diaverum’s Pots20150626_PDiaverum_articledam centre runs Germany’s second-largest peritoneal dialysis (PD) programme after Hamburg. Its programme’s uniqueness, however, is in the method used by dedicated PD nurse Stefan Richter in taking prospective pre-dialysis patients through the decision-making process before dialysis start and subsequent PD education and training in the comfort of the patient’s home.

“The patient feels less stress, less pressure and more confident about their choice of treatment,” explains Stefan. “For patients, this is a more sensitive way.”

So far, some 30 patients have been introduced to different renal replacement therapies (RRT) and/or PD by Stefan in their home environment. This approach is fully supported by the Potsdam medical team which routinely follows each patient’s check-ups.

Dr Daniel Schnabel, Nephrologist at Potsdam, says that primarily a medical assessment is made to ensure there are “no real medical contra-indications” with PD as a treatment modality, adding once a patient lands in Stefan’s capable hands the rest of the process is at the patient’s home.

Dr Belén Marrón, Global Medical Director Home Therapies, says: “Stefan’s example and the Potsdam clinic team really highlight how our patients are empowered and supported, in particular with PD, going beyond the clinic. His approach really is unique, not only for Diaverum but also for the general nephrology community.”

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