France’s Alfadial centre begins home HD

Home haemodialysis is Diaverum’s answer to offering patients a treatment modality that fits their medical and lifestyle needs.

Diaverum France’s Provence centre was first to offer home HD to patients; as of November, Alfadial has followed suit.

Home HD gives the patient more autonomy and more flexibility in when to perform the treatment. There is, of course, regular medical follow-ups but the dialysis itself is controlled by the patient. It takes the patient away from the centre meaning lifestyle impact is minimised.

The first step in introducing home HD to the centre for the team at Alfadial was to identify suitable patients. Dr Marie-Claude Guimont, nephrologist at Alfadial, drew up a list of patients who could potentially accept and tolerate home-based care. Dr Guimont then discussed the home HD option with these patients.

As well as medical suitability, there are also logistical requirements to be met by these patients. For example, there must be sufficient electrical capacity which itself demands a safe distance from water. There must also be storage space for the fortnightly delivery of consumables.

And then there’s the training. Many people who practice home HD have a caregiver to partner with them during the 8-12 weeks of training required — and it is the quality of this training which is key to the success of the project.

The early results? After just one month, two of the home HD patients showed improved clinical results and reported feeling less tired — dialysing six days a week was clearly good for them.

“This has been a tremendous opportunity to develop a new treatment modality for our patients and to engage the team in this innovative project,” says Nathalie Fourel, Head Nurse at Alfadial.

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